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So long…. and thanks for all the fish.

I have been extremely unwillingly subjected, (amongst many other toxic experiences lately,) to this alien stuff called politics, while I have been stuck in the vicinity of those who don’t even have a clue what the TV does to me in any case. So…how much longer will it feckin’ well take before people actually realise that no matter who they vote for, it won’t even make a scrap of bloody difference!?
The whole damn thang is more fixed than a bleedin’ wrestling match!
I don’t care what the people around me choose to believe, we don’t actually have any say whatsoever as to exactly where we want our taxes spent, precisely how we think it best to run the country, etc etc. Let’s be honest….as the previously much celebrated Max Headroom once said, “you can always tell when a politician is lying, their mouth is moving!”
I honestly don’t know for sure, but I would even hazard a guess that ‘I’ could do a much better and fairer job than any of those scrotes, and I don’t even know a damn thing about politics, (apart from the fact that I always have, and I’m pretty sure I really always will …. not be able to stand it.)

Is it me?  Am I just too damn stupid for this kinda thang?  Have I got all this politics crap all wrong? ……or wot!?    Probably……

The page below is Douglas Adams. (In case you didn’t already know.)



KIA Cyber doll

This is a KIA doll that has been with me for some considerable time now.

I believe that probably it’s about time for the KIA cyber-doll to be passed on from me now. I admit I have been very reticent, I’ve been very apathetic physically, mentally and magikally for quite a while now. But I guess I’ve just now realised that I may have been saving it up for something generally far more important than myself, my family or my spirit doll.
So… Even though she has pretty much soaked up all of my hopes and dreams for the majority of the cyber space that I will probably never get to understand anyway in the rest of my lifetime, I can only feel the hostility, cries for help, false personas, etc, so many strange, sad, wonderful, scary, peaceful, etc things, that it appears would never be said in the real world at all.
The Internet to me, seems to be a kinda ‘safe zone’ for a lot of folks… in a particular way at least… perhaps tell people things that nobody would dare to say to anyone’s face, to perhaps be what you really are, or maybe be what you really want to be, but can’t for some reason. There are always many stigmas, prejudges, implanted stuff an ting, from the way society has evolved/devolved, which would more than likely never be said or expressed any other way…, I suggest she is there for all the people that cannot express themselves face to face, for all the people that need to use the Internet to even keep going, and of course, for all of the folks in between.
What you you think @anton?
Anyways…. when/if you get the time, please could you post some info on for instance, perhaps… when you made her, what you made her for, what you would prefer to call her, what her function was meant to be and where you think she would need to be going next, (I seem to recall that you felt the USA was the next home…. and whatever other info you feel she will need. (and perhaps an early photo if you have one.)
I don’t really know, but considering how she feels to me, she’s done pretty well so far, but like with kaytee, I am only a catalyst, I can only send things, thoughts, ideas on their way, I don’t presume to have the will or intent to take these seeds any further. I feel that I don’t ever know enough, or have the inkling of the big picture to pass on something myself for someone else.
That always needs to be up to you/and/ or the rest of the agents.
I am totally up for re-homing of cyber doll, I really think her potential is rather wasted here with me.


there is/are something/things that are kinda bothering me about this cup.   I like it, but there is something/s that doesn’t  feel kwite rite.

I can’t manage to see it, its not quite doing it’s job.

wot you reckon?  I’m not sure if it’s just, or even the gold, or something else (that can’t even be changed.)


Hi people.

Now I have my own site, thank you @kiabot.

comments, additions, any feedback that you feel…. (including disagreements,) very welcome.

thank you in advance, a better intro, as well as some actual content should be forthcoming soon…. ish.