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We can fix her.


Being a rather older, (but certainly not a wiser) member of the KIA community, I thought perhaps someone else who has the same problem, may be helped by my experience. I have recently had to give up with the right hip and told the consultant that he can finally get on with it and get rid of the manky joint.
It has been a very strange experience generally, but I was very determined to get on with it.
Admittedly… there are still a couple of dodgy joints still left, which may get in the way of recovery… but what the heck! You really gotta start somewhere!
I have really missed KIA, but now I am feeling a bit stronger, I finally have some strong enough intent to start trying out a bit more input.

A quick say on vaping vs smoking

Yes…. it’s true, however any of us feel about it, I spoze we have to accept that it’s  a given that we know comparatively little about the long-term effects of vaping, vs smoking… has been estimated that vaping is 95% safer than burning and inhaling tobacco to get nicotine, rather than inhaling vapour from e-cigs to get nicotine instead.

So, I have wanted to post this stuff here for so long, but have held back because this is essentially a magikal site.    This particular bit of KIA has been very kindly given to me,  so I think it’s ok to say some stuff, considering how important this could be to so many people, apart from me.

If vaping did have more backing from authorities etc, it’s far more likely that we may see a lot more of what we really need, e.g. Tailored flavourings that are solely developed for e-cigarettes, a far higher (and preferably enforced,) standard for hardware and accessories, (also and including all coil and wicking materials, pre-built or sold separately.)

The thought of the big tobacco companies having the monopoly on e-cigarettes, (vaping in general,) quite frankly makes my blood run totally cold.

part of the reason being, I t seems to me that whatever we do, whatever choice we make, we are inevitably going to give our money to either the government in ridiculously high taxes, (which are, as far as I am aware, threatening to refuse to treat tobacco-related diseases anyway,) or to the really big tobacco companies, (who want to cut their losses in tobacco products in any case.)

I don’t expect a reaction from this post, it’s not necessarily anything that you folks would have an opinion on in any case, but I guess it’s just nice to be able to tell it as I feel it. 😋

yes….. I know what I did….. I always do, that is what makes life so cringeworthy.