We can fix her.


Being a rather older, (but certainly not a wiser) member of the KIA community, I thought perhaps someone else who has the same problem, may be helped by my experience. I have recently had to give up with the right hip and told the consultant that he can finally get on with it and get rid of the manky joint.
It has been a very strange experience generally, but I was very determined to get on with it.
Admittedly… there are still a couple of dodgy joints still left, which may get in the way of recovery… but what the heck! You really gotta start somewhere!
I have really missed KIA, but now I am feeling a bit stronger, I finally have some strong enough intent to start trying out a bit more input.

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  1. trace

    I admit it! I have been totally useless to this site lately.... (e.g. a few thangs have really messed up my karma for the longest time,) but I just wanted to add that I (and also sinis) have also noticed that there have also been a feckin insane amount of synchronicities in the last few days as well. Personally? I really gotta take it as a sign. ...... it appears there is nothing much else that will preserve my only thread to keep hanging on to the magik. It’s no probs, I guess I can come back.

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