So long…. and thanks for all the fish.

I have been extremely unwillingly subjected, (amongst many other toxic experiences lately,) to this alien stuff called politics, while I have been stuck in the vicinity of those who don’t even have a clue what the TV does to me in any case. So…how much longer will it feckin’ well take before people actually realise that no matter who they vote for, it won’t even make a scrap of bloody difference!?
The whole damn thang is more fixed than a bleedin’ wrestling match!
I don’t care what the people around me choose to believe, we don’t actually have any say whatsoever as to exactly where we want our taxes spent, precisely how we think it best to run the country, etc etc. Let’s be honest….as the previously much celebrated Max Headroom once said, “you can always tell when a politician is lying, their mouth is moving!”
I honestly don’t know for sure, but I would even hazard a guess that ‘I’ could do a much better and fairer job than any of those scrotes, and I don’t even know a damn thing about politics, (apart from the fact that I always have, and I’m pretty sure I really always will …. not be able to stand it.)

Is it me?  Am I just too damn stupid for this kinda thang?  Have I got all this politics crap all wrong? ……or wot!?    Probably……

The page below is Douglas Adams. (In case you didn’t already know.)



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  1. Tara* Berserkr

    I have to disagree. People in charge of this world are assholes but some assholes are worse than others. Tories are by far worse than many. Only reason they managed to sustain their power for so long is because people like yourself don't want to vote. I don't want to be mean, but I am pissed off. UK is leaving European Union, and people in charge of the country are now paring up with DUP who are basically fascists. How bad things need to get before you start to care? Your country is falling apart and many people are making plans to emigrate and get the hell out of here before it's too late. I am considering it myself. Value of the pound is dropping, which means you're about to get a lot poorer. You're slowly loosing your freedom. Do you want to go back to the 19th century where children had to work 12 hours shifts in the factories without pay? Do you want to see old and disabled people die out of cold in the winter? Do you want women to suffer rape and abuse by their husbands like they did for centuries before? The only reason things have changes is because your ancestors rebelled against the ruling classes. They often paid with their lives. They made a sacrifice to give you your freedom and you are wasting it out of laziness. There's no other way to see it. I am a foreigner in here and yet I seem to care about your country more than you do. Sadly I am not allowed to vote. Sorry for the rant, but it's time to wake up Trace. If you don't fight your future is lost

  2. trace

    Hi @tara, Are you up for it sweetie? (I guess we both need to get various stuff outta our systems rite now.) Ok, that's another very popular opinion amongst most of my rather more politically aware friends, but ....perhaps you misunderstand what I am saying anyway? I actually do vote, I do not er 'waste it', although.. in my very very humble opinion, there is 'never ever' anyone worth voting for in the first damn place. I already stated that I really don't like politics, coz as totally clueless as I admittedly am about what's going on in this world, as far as I can tell, with my limited intelligence......the whole political 'thang' is a total feckin' farce! I admit though, I couldn't vote last time, because I am now looking after my mother-in law, so I have been away from home for a fair while ...and at the current rate of her recovery etc, I probably will be away for a lot longer still ..... again..... I didn't vote for this person you are talking about, and I'm sure I would've had a bloody hard time choosing which lying, money grabbing, pocket lining ..etc...etc ...complete and utter bastard to vote for this time in the first place! It's fine @tara, maybe you have misunderstood me, maybe you haven't, I dunno... you know I get on very well with you, despite our apparent differences, and I have, & also will, think about everything you say that I may not initially agree with.....but ... I honestly cannot see us getting anywhere at all that we want to be with any of these total scrotes that I am expected to be a responsible uk voter and choose to vote for! And not only that, it makes this politics game much harder, because we are each total individuals, and every single one of us has a differing opinion on fucking everything in the universe.

  3. Tara* Berserkr

    Sorry if got a bit carried away there! I'm just angry. I can no understand why so many people vote for these assholes, how can UKIP get more votes than the Green Party?! This time I do wish I could vote. As for TV- I am subjected to it frequently through my work and it has a bad influence on my mental well-being, however I no longer believe that I could stay out of politics. A group of (my) friends have recently purchased a piece of land in Norway and they want to move there to start a commune. Their long term hope for Scottish independence has been crashed with SNP loosing over 20 seats in the last election. By the look of things those who have savings will be out of here asap. That will have an impact of the local economy. I don't want having to move once again. I left Poland to find a better world and now I'm stuck in a country I am beginning to hate. I got overly emotional with you because like you said yourself, you could probably do a better job than most of people in charge of this country. Sadly though you need to look after your family. If only the benefit system was more functional, perhaps you wouldn't have to do this. That's exactly my point in here. We need to fight.

  4. Tara* Berserkr

    Had some further thoughts on the subject. First of all coming back to Britain itself. Let's be honest. I don't like it. The weather is rubbish, especially in Scotland. It brings my moods down every year. The food is awful, very poor quality in comparison with the continent. People are dull , closed minded snobs, with a few exceptions here and there. One of my friends said that "everything is so miserable here it makes it cool. Everyone knows it's shit and they embrace it". That was the reference to British counter culture. He added something else though- there's not freedom here. The counterculture is about rebellion, not about freedom. Freedom seems sp unobtainable, we accept the fact it will never happen. And that's why he believes there are better places to go. Non-English speaking countries are his goal. This whole subject got me thinking because I too resigned myself to this fate. Initial shock and trauma of immigration made me too scared to want a change. Is it worth fighting for better Britain, independent Scotland etc or is oy better to give them up and go away, this time with an open mind and more preparatory reading

  5. trace

    I think most folks don't like it because for some time now, they feel that nothing is fair to all the folks that have hung on and because it's their country, (and some of them have even fought and won to keep it that way, are really rather upset about how the whole place is turning out. I am not making any comments at all as to myself, although I heard many opinions from many people.... it all seems to boil down to past experiences/expectations/dissatisfactions/ disappointments etc etc. Like I said .... no matter how anyone may try, you really cannot please all of the people, all of the time. And..... let's be totally and brutally realistic here, how can we expect one person/group of persons to achieve the totally impossible? Politicians......?? No feckin chance!! Human nature, you give them power, while they have it.....they will make damn bloody sure that they and their human .....and particularly ....their material interests will be totally fulfilled. Do they care about the particular country they are supposed to be caring for? Fuck no!! Yes @tara, you are right..we do need to fight. So..... bearing in mind, there is nobody at all in any government at all that I would trust as far as I could throw them. .... er. .....where do we start?

  6. Tara* Berserkr

    Where do we start question is a difficult one, because we don't have a strong enough sense of community. I've been unsuccessfully trying to build a network of strong individuals who can support each other and work together towards our goals. Sadly it seems to me that most people are too busy fighting their own personal battles. I am always ready to help them and i have consumed a lot of energy trying to maintain connection and be there when I'm needed. Results are very disappointing. I even began to wonder if I was too much of a weirdo and that's why my friendships always fall apart. Either way I'd say that we can start with our immediate family, neighbours and friends circle to strengthen human spirit. We can also be an example for the others. I am yet to write am article about magical aura/shield I've been working on.

  7. trace

    I totally understand your thinking @tara. I don't think it's you that is a pork pie short of a picnic, I honestly think that it's the spiritually orientated folks in this world that are, (for one reason or another/ or sometimes several of them...) labelled as totally bonkers by the rest of of those that totally believe the media, click their tongues at the news on tv/radio, say how terrible it all is, and do precisely what they are extremely subtlety brainwashed to believe is the 'right thing'. It seems to me that they revel in gloom that the media feed to them and as a consequence.... buy more crap from the adverts in between the shit on tv to make them feel better, and ultimately they still vote for the fecking 'lizards'. I have asked many people ....more times than I could ever keep count of, "why do you actually choose to watch/listen to this totally depressing shit on the 'news'? Every single time, everyone always asks me why I will not watch 'current affairs' they can't believe that I don't wanna see it and I don't want them to tell me how totally awful the whole world is. Um open your eyes people! There are 'always' heartwarming and wonderful things happening too on this earth, but the media do not cover just about any of it, apparently.... it's not newsworthy. What they ACTUALLY mean, is that good news will not subdue any of the voters into voting for a load of lying, greedy, uncaring bastards who's only interest is the usual, with everyone else who is always deemed to be totally sane. What are their goals? Oh... let me think! Hah! fucking personal gain, that's what......power and money. If that is how most people think, (and I think they do....) it appears so very clear to me that the more influential of them are gonna make damn sure that the rest of the 'sheep' are kept in the correct psychological condition for the greedy.... supporting the more powerful and even more greedy. It makes me sick @tara and all my other friends on KIA. It's very clear that all politicians don't give a shit about how fair It's always the same, I am not at my strongest at all, I know that, I have been on antidepressants for rather a long time, (again, for probably around at the very least, the tenth time or more in my life so far) and yeh, I understand totally what you say again @tara, I have the same thing as you said happens to you. This has been pretty much ongoing as far as I can remember....but this time, for the last 7 months or so, I have been where I am needed by whoever,... it's the usual story, I am strong, yes fortunately ...I think I must be, coz I have felt trapped even more lately by this almost constant neediness by many people ... but ......wot about us? Dunno about you, but this needing to be in at least three places at the same's really starting to wear me down. The impossible we can do more or less right now, miracles might just take slightly longer.

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