To be aware….. is all we need?

I have been having a few conversations with various folks about this kinda stuff and related things that will inevitably crop up with these kinds of opinions/speculations.

I have a history myself (and it’s a bloody long one!) of being a person to not follow the pack. I am someone who thinks and does what ‘I’ feel, and I really don’t care what others think.

So, bearing all that in mind, and cutting to the chase as it were, there is this thang that seems to follow me about wherever my mind will wander. intention is a very powerful thing, most/all of the folks that are aware of magik have to believe it.
It feels right, following the rites/rituals of others etc.  I’m sure it must be, but what if we turn the whole thing around?
As far as I’m aware, mages/witches/magik users etc will apply their intention, (whatever it may be,) to the magik.
Ok, that’s logical, it gets the job done, but what if we do it a different way?
What if we cast the magik to leave it without personal intention at all?
There have been odd occasions when I have needed to intend to a greater or lesser degree, either because I want to help someone, or if I have been asked to do so, (I just try to direct the magik in the direction it wants to go.) however…..I have found repeatedly that this other, much less logical way actually works a hellova lot better, (for me anyway.)
All I can surmise from my findings is that magik itself must have a far better idea of where one needs to direct the magik than us magic users/mages/witches/wizards (insert whatever,) we do ourselves. (and here we could easily open up the usual can of worms by asking, what is magik?….. again….. sorry.)

However… It rather neatly brings me to the possible reasons for my findings.

I have a little book that @argonheart gave me a while ago, it’s kinda like my quantum equivalent of what windows for dummies would be. (Yeah, I have that as well.)
I’m not clever, I am not even close to being educated to the standards that would be expected in this age. I don’t have the ability or the vocabulary to sort and correlate information to reach an innovative or even thought provoking conclusion. At least I am not aware of the ability.  All I can do when attempting to take in things that are beyond my intelligence to comprehend, is to try and sorta ‘feel’ at least some of the essence of that which is being imparted, and as a result, merely speculate as to what is useful for me. (more or less in chaos stylee here I guess.)
It’s a pleasant as well as necessary method, uncluttered with preliminaries (probably quite a majority would totally disagree with me,) unnecessary bells and whistles, which to me, strips useful stuff down for me and keeps it pretty simple. (Like I have already said before, I am really damn lazy and as light does, I tend to go for the easiest and quickest route.)
I don’t really understand most of the science, but I can’t help but feel that there is much there at the basis of everything that could be the most necessary things we could ever learn.

It’s only a thought, but perhaps we each have an inbuilt ability to give ourselves strength, if we are able to divine what it is, without the intervention of others, who much more often than not; don’t have the faintest idea what is in our own minds.
If so, It seems to me that there are many ways to implement it. What @dana and @satura are doing rite now, (as I was working most of this post,) could well be one of them.
To me, it’s seems like one of the more difficult ways, but having said that… I also had a time myself, which must’ve lasted quite a while, when I really didn’t know what was going on with my head at all.
There was no intention for Abralim, (sorry, I can’t even spell it,) because although I had heard it before on KIA, I actually didn’t know what it was,
all I can recall asking at the very start of all this was asking my entity, ‘why have you always been here with me and why me?’
That seemed to be all I needed to ask to be confined to my my bed for days at a time, to experience a total mental, physical and emotional roller coaster.
It really did confuse me, I wasn’t actually afraid, (I am a great fan of LSD, mushies, mda n other stuff, even though I am not young by any stretch of the imagination,) but … because at the time there was no chemical reason at all for these experiences, I did kinda wonder about my sanity at first. I didn’t quite know what to do, because at the time (as old as I was,) I only really had the most sketchiest idea of magik itself.
So, I did the only thing I could think of under these circumstances, I emailed three or so people that I found on the Internet, but one or two appeared somewhat aloof, and didn’t seem to have a clue what I was talking about, (Phil Hine was great, but although nothing followed at the time, his stuff has subsequently been the greatest of help to me.) then… as I had failed to find a place to ask questions and (I guess in retrospect,) be reassured that I wasn’t destined for the nearest ‘certain specialist establishment’. So…. as I was about to give up, I suddenly found KIA.
I emailed, I got a reply, (guess who!)

This time, I wasn’t treated as if I was a total idiot, or a mental case, I wasn’t passed off to someone else who wasn’t prepared to help and my er…..whinings were actually listened to, and even though the initial person from KIA I spoke to couldn’t really explain what was happening to me, they told me not to worry. and if I wanted to say anything, whether anyone understood it or not, KIA will listen.

However, I can’t say if  anyone would’ve been able to actively help in any case, I haven’t a clue, but simply to be treated as someone who wasn’t totally ‘loony’ was a great strength for me at the time.                        It still is.
And…… I am eternally grateful to know all you folks.
I have needed to write this for sooooo very long.
Thank you so very much to all my friends on KIA, you caught me about halfway down when I was about to fall. Perfect!! 😈

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  1. Dana Varahi

    You are welcome. I am really happy we managed to catch you, my precious! Seriously, though knowing you, all the time we spent together and all the conversations we had over the years really enriched my life and helped me enormously in understanding my own mystical and magickal experiences. The feelings of gratitude are mutual. "All I can surmise from my findings is that magik itself must have a far better idea of where one needs to direct the magik than us magic users/mages/witches/wizards do ourselves." I agree with you. The main challenge in my opinion is to develop better ability to listen to the magick, to amplify its whispers and follow where it tells us to go. This is by no means easy and a lot of the time what magick whispers gets ignored and muted out of our life for many different reasons. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to switch on the magick channel and receive the transmission at will? In my opinion that is exactly the aim of working such as Abramelin. You learn to mute everything else so that the magick gets a chance to be heard and listed to. Some people who completed Abramelin seem to believe that the form of the ritual is what makes it. Their practice resembles a re-enactment of medieval magick. In their opinions details such as hats, robes and furnishings, time of the day or year etc makes the practice what it is and are indispensable to its success. In my humble opinion that is completely absurd! All Abramelin does is to amplify already existing inner voice (of magick). It will not produce your HGA (voice of magick) like a magician pulling a bunny out of a hat. It might feel like it to some, if they never had an inkling of this entity/voice before but it isn’t born out of abramelin, it exist independently. What is born is a deliberate conscious relationship with the entity/inner voice/whatever. I do not mean to devalue Abramelin as a practice because it is absolutely great at getting you where you want to be with your magick. It's not for everyone, that is for sure, and it doesn't needs to be. There are countless ways of getting there but (and you may not like the sound of this) they all involve hard work. What is the voice of magick worth if we lack the resolve and discipline to go where it tells us? My HGA challenges me to do hard work all the fucking time. It isn't easy but its worth it. Like they say you get what you put into it. Learning to follow the voice of magick/hga/etc requires hard work but once you get there you will notice that following this voice saves you a lot of trouble! Like you say magick knows better where magick needs to go. I find that my magick is much more effective since I completed Abramelin. I learned to listen and follow where it takes me. It takes a lot of effort but at the same time countless problems I had, resolved themselves and carry on doing so. It's worth it if you can manage it.

  2. Tara* Berserkr

    Thankyou Trace, that's very inspiring! At times I get disheartened wondering whether it makes sense for me to post things in here. Kia really died down over the last years, especially after Ariel's leaving I find it strangely empty in here. I don't know how many people read my stuff and whether it means anything. I get more reward from my daily interactions with people, hence I'm glad to hear you're enjoying our company. I really like your stuff too. It's different and certainly inspiring. As for magick finding its own way- I think that's where concept such as shadow and subconscious mind really come to play. It is common for our conscious mind to lie to us. Like say when you cast a spell to find a job even though you don't actually want it. We all do that from time to time. It os hard to be deadly honest with ourselves . Being aware and present is all you need to understand your true desires.

  3. Anton Channing

    As for trusting the magic to manifest what you need. I've experienced and read about different forms of this. In my teens I joined a new age meditation circle where we had to give all the energies we raised to some 'ascended masters' to sort out. Crowley had a more specific and personal technique he called "bud-wills". These are where you evoke your magical will into a sacrement and pray to it, dedicating your day to manifesting your true will, and I think consuming the sacrement again in the evening. I'm citing from memory, and never practised that one, so I may have a detail or two wrong. This practises are all well and good, but it can be difficult to know if the magic is actually working. How would you measure that?

  4. Anton Channing

    As for spirit contact, since knowing you I have felt more and more comfortable facing my own supressed memories of childhood spirit contact dating back to when I was 3-4 years old. If you belong in an institution, then I probably do also...

  5. trace

    Hi folks, oh dear.... this is gonna be a bitova epic reply .....I do believe, there are so many things that have been said here that I want to acknowledge, agree with, thank people for cetra cetra ...... Ok.... anyway.... first off, the intital reply, me bestest @dana me love, heheheh! What brilliant and wonderful things you say! Thank you so much for saying that the feeling is mutual. Now last I realise that I was always hoping that it was.... after all.... if our (mainly long distance,) friendship, whether it be magikal or otherwise, was predominantly one-sided, it would more than probably be somewhat self-destructive sooner or later. I have found, that this is how friendships are anyway. (Factors such as distance, drifting apart, very many different reasons, etc etc.) And so ...adding the magikal factor as well.... it could very well make the odds even greater, or maybe make them much better, who nose? This has urged me to say, for some illogical reason, that I was always scolded by all three of my sons, because when they ask me a certain kind of question, I always said that 'it all depends on many things.' (Interesting to note that the eldest, Antony, doesn't anymore.) Admittedly I am by nature rather 'non committal', I guess I assumed that it was just my typical Librian total lack of any fixed decision, but it's only rather more recently that I have realised that I was more correct than I ever knew. Everyone has their own 'agenda' kinda thang, and to boil my whole meaning down, what would be fact to some, would be neutral or false to others. I don't have a clue why I have said all this totally irrelevant stuff, but I'll leave it here for now @dana, until i am too embarrassed, and have to edit it. (I want to write these replies one at a time, I know it prolongs the agony, but ...... Next enstallment to follow.) 😈

  6. trace

    Ok then, on to our @anton, only because what I needed to say came immediately next in my thoughts. What you said is really rather interesting to me , (are we totally sure we are not related?!) I'm sure there is more to this, it's kind of a strange thang, (and at least three people have suggested to me that something very traumatic indeed could well have happened to me before then.) Because I don't actually recall just about everything before I was around 12 years old. I honestly thought for many years that I had my own memories of stuff, but it turns out that it was actually others in the family that had told me about it years/decades after the event. I always did have a really, really very crap memory, and still to this day, very little or more recall at all until somehow triggered. But.... I find that generally it's really beneficial to me, as although I don't recall stuff that my friends and family expect me to, as far as I can tell, I do recall and learn from the actual important stuff. And also, I seem to remember only the nice/pleasant/positive etc etc things that happen to me/my friends/total strangers etc. I do wonder at times if something did happen that my family were never aware of, but I guess I can never, ever in my life find out for sure. There is hypnosis, it has been mentioned, however.... I am really not sure that it would work. I have never been open to the suggestions of others over my own mind/baggage/current beliefs n stuff, so although I am thoroughly convinced it isn't gonna happen, I'd be pretty much a guinea pig. â˜ºï¸ Any thoughts on this stuff, and any other stuff you wanna tell me, I am totally listening 👂

  7. trace

    @tara, oh yesssssss! Of course it does me honey. Do you think all your intention goes nowhere? Oh wait.... errrrr ... guess I should practice what I preach.... yes? This may be yet another lesson for the @trace who should damn well know better. ? ? So, how many examples do I f***ing well need?? Every single one of us (without exception,) whether we contribute or simply just look. We are all a part of the KIA whole, we would always be less without every single one of you. Thank you everyone, from me and my very magikal friends for taking the inetest and time to read this.

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