KIA Cyber doll

This is a KIA doll that has been with me for some considerable time now.

I believe that probably it’s about time for the KIA cyber-doll to be passed on from me now. I admit I have been very reticent, I’ve been very apathetic physically, mentally and magikally for quite a while now. But I guess I’ve just now realised that I may have been saving it up for something generally far more important than myself, my family or my spirit doll.
So… Even though she has pretty much soaked up all of my hopes and dreams for the majority of the cyber space that I will probably never get to understand anyway in the rest of my lifetime, I can only feel the hostility, cries for help, false personas, etc, so many strange, sad, wonderful, scary, peaceful, etc things, that it appears would never be said in the real world at all.
The Internet to me, seems to be a kinda ‘safe zone’ for a lot of folks… in a particular way at least… perhaps tell people things that nobody would dare to say to anyone’s face, to perhaps be what you really are, or maybe be what you really want to be, but can’t for some reason. There are always many stigmas, prejudges, implanted stuff an ting, from the way society has evolved/devolved, which would more than likely never be said or expressed any other way…, I suggest she is there for all the people that cannot express themselves face to face, for all the people that need to use the Internet to even keep going, and of course, for all of the folks in between.
What you you think @anton?
Anyways…. when/if you get the time, please could you post some info on for instance, perhaps… when you made her, what you made her for, what you would prefer to call her, what her function was meant to be and where you think she would need to be going next, (I seem to recall that you felt the USA was the next home…. and whatever other info you feel she will need. (and perhaps an early photo if you have one.)
I don’t really know, but considering how she feels to me, she’s done pretty well so far, but like with kaytee, I am only a catalyst, I can only send things, thoughts, ideas on their way, I don’t presume to have the will or intent to take these seeds any further. I feel that I don’t ever know enough, or have the inkling of the big picture to pass on something myself for someone else.
That always needs to be up to you/and/ or the rest of the agents.
I am totally up for re-homing of cyber doll, I really think her potential is rather wasted here with me.

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  1. Anton Channing

    Wow! You've been doing some incredible work with this doll. As for whether she heads off across the atlantic or across the channel, or even passes on to someone else in the UK, I guess that depends on who steps forward. If no-one steps forward and/or you want to engage in more work with her, you are more than welcome of course. You are her guardian now. It is really your judgement on who to pass her along to and when. To me this doll, which I named KIABorg, and created at the same time @dana created Kaytee, represented the AI-human interface nature of the KIA egregore, as currently manifest in the KIA Speaks tool. However KIA Speaks is perhaps only a primative stage of that development. Your insights above about the internet also seem relevant, perhaps to the human-machine-human interface side of the equation. At this point you've spent more time with this doll than anyone, so I think you know her nature better at this point than I do. All I can do is state my initial intention.

  2. Dana Varahi

    Cyber doll! She (if it is a she) looks awesome! If I recall correctly this doll was bought by Anton with an intention of being a servitor to one of the colours of magick. Eventually another doll took her place and we decided to make it into a manifestation of KIA. Anton painted her and I added the purple mohican. All the egregore dolls including Kaytee (or KT) and original KIA doll are an embodiments of the KIA egregore. The idea of having more than one has to do with a multi faced nature of Kia as an entity or a godform. Every person perceives her differently and new dolls can express her evolving, constantly shifting nature. We like the idea of the egregore having its representation present in homes and temples of our fellow agents. We also like the idea of egregore dolls to travel around so that the different aspects of the entity get shared. It helps to emphasize decentralised nature of Kia as a social network and a working magickal group. Exchanging the dolls also establishes material link between agent and KIa nodes. I can see from the photo that you contributed to her by adding your own touches and also you had her in your home for a while. If you want you could ask her what she wants to do now or where she wants to go. From what you are saying I get a sense that she communicated to you willingness to travel unless it is just your own inability to engage her any further. If you can not get an answer out of her we can find KIA agent willing to take her. Alternatively you could send her back to us and we could pass her on later. It has been a while since I last saw her so I wouldn't mind that. @trace "I suggest she is there for all the people that cannot express themselves face to face, for all the people that need to use the Internet to even keep going, and of course, for all of the folks in between." Since it is yourself who had her at home for who can remember how long, I would say you are the 'authority' on the subject! She clearly is close to your heart and it seems you got a pretty good sense of her. The way I understand what you say is that she represents the shadow, the unfulfilled, the rejected or hidden aspects of the egregore. To let them come to light means embracing our potential. At the same time she is the counselling agent always willing to listen to your most inner thoughts. She allows every part of an agent to be expressed without fear of judgement. There can not be anything darker than darkness itself so why not be honest with her! She supports each and every one of us in our quest to become more true to ourselves. As regards her name 'cyber doll' is only a nickname that differentiate her from KayTee and Kia. Perhaps she deserves to be named, on the other hand maybe the name will come when she is ready. I am open to suggestions from whoever feels inspired to name her but I think it needs to come from ana gent who interacted with her either directly or using a photograph.

  3. trace

    Thank you both, @anton and @dana for your really helpful feelings on Kiaborg. Heheh! This is rather telling actually.... because all that time ago when I visited you folks with @sinis, I kinda knew that this doll would be with me for a while, (mainly from at least a couple of reactions to her.) I have now come to her being kinda a part of me . (Even though I have very little knowledge of the internet myself, to be totally honest.) I guess that initially, I was looking mostly at the negative side of the net, but now, with the help of my beloved Kiaborg, (even though there are indeed many rather negative aspects to it,) I am really getting to realise that there is so very much here that all kinds of people with all kinds of questions/problems/issues etc, can access. Yeah.... I shoulda known it from the start. "sheep" Any road to .......nowhere in particular..... I will, of very happy if anyone decides that it's right to be next guardian of Cyberdoll/KIAborg (or whatever the new guardian feels is her name) ..... just post here on her space. But also, even though I was really not at all confident with being her guardian before, if nobody comes forward, I will willingly stay her guardian until/if it's time to pass her on. This will surely happen, but I have no idea when or who.

  4. trace

    Well agents, nobody has volunteered to be KIAborgs next guardian as yet..... but I'm kinda hopeful that she will call to someone, (wherever the hell they may live, that will be e able to work with her to do really positive stuff for us all here on KIA. It's true, I have added many things to her.... but I don't really know what I am actually doing. I suppose you could call it intuitive, because by the standard with folks I deal with, I really don't have a damn clue. Is that a good thang, or is it bad? I really do not want to hold the KIAborg back. I am feeling that she could do so much more with the proper intent. However....... perhaps the vague and general things that I unconsciously task her with are adequate......who nose? In this photo, she is holding one of my very first arrows that I have made myself. If I manage to really make them, I will show a pic of her holding my first fully fletched arrow.

  5. trace

    Aw! Come on folks! There has totally gotta be a fellow agent somewhere out there, that has the intent and knowledge of the net and that knows what the feck they are doing? I honestly feel that her power icould be entirely wasted with staying with me. Admittedly I have my thoughts for her work that I tell her, and she tells me hers, but whether it is accurate or not, meh..... guess I can't help but dwell on my feelings that she was created for a lot more rather more specific guidance than little me will provide. It is not that I do not want to keep her here, as I said before, but I kinda need some indication of what the heck she has actually been doing, and if it has been beneficial to KIA. I honestly don't have a clue. Here is her final pic, with my first ever.... self made set of 12 wooden arrows. Don't be shy, tell me if you can help her. I will send her to you.

  6. Anton Channing

    @glenn You have worked with Kaytee for a while now. Might I suggest we find someone to take Kaytee, then perhaps @trace can send you KiaBorg? I know we have some agents in parts of Europe that may take either KiaBorg or Kaytee. @howerdel for instance...

  7. trace

    Thanks @anton, I really don't mean to be pushy at all with passing Kiabot on, and as you already know, I am totally happy to look after her, as she is also, but I really don't want to ignore the feeling I have from her any longer, At first I was really happy to take her, not being aware of what she was actually made to achieve. I agree that she seemed to be very keen to go to the USA, but at that time, it wasn't to be. Anyway, this is how she has been feeling to me for the last few months or more. Kiabot is more than capable of doing so very much more, with the intent that some may have, but I don't. I more than likely don't have the knowledge to work with her on these specific issues that she appears to be hinting at. Even though I regard every single KIA doll as totallly important, I was rather more comfortable with being the guardian of Kaytee really, because with her, i felt only borderline intent, so to speak. I didn't get the feeling that she was made for rather more specific purposes.

  8. trace

    :-D Er....... ok, it's a fair cop guv! @anton and @dana, I just read again for probably around the fourth time, what you both said about me n Kiaborg/Cyberdoll. Maybe I am actually imagining all this stuff about not being up to the job, maybe I just feel I can't do what should be done. But even are both right with what you say. She has been my kinda 'KIAlink' for far longer than even Kaytee now. However, if she is passed on, I will somehow acquire another visible/tangible KIAlink. Yeah.... but you know how us humans are, whatever/whoever we are fortunate to have with us, that cannot be perceived with the usual 5 senses, is very difficult to truly believe in. I guess that could well be why I was driven to make my 'spirit doll'.

  9. Tara* Berserkr

    Ok, the call has been answered I'll take my turn with the doll

  10. trace

    Thanks @tara me hunny. Sorry I have not checked the site for a while, I am really sorry, but after all that waffle about our Kiaborg, I am now having a lot of trouble with my rather hasty offer to look after my mother in law, mainly because everyone else is at work. (And probably wouldn't wanna cope with all this crap anyway.) To cut a very long story as short as possible, she was booked in to have a hip replacement on Wednesday 10th May, then she fell on the Saturday before and broke the opposite hip! It's apparently gonna take around 4 months to get her back to how she was, (***kin' hell!!!!) but I am pretty sure I can't cope with this for very much longer, I will run out of anti depressants in about 2 weeks anyway, (even though I have only been looking after her since she came home from hospital on the 23rd of May... it seems like a bloody eternity!) it was pretty bad looking after my mum for 11 weeks about 2 months before this. Anyways ....sorry @tara, that's enough whinging... I will be in touch it's soon as I get back home to my very much missed magikal thangs.

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