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  1. trace

    I guess, it's been on my for some time. Although I don't understand Quantum stuff at all in a scientific way, for some reason whenever I read about it, it makes me feel so much better than I did before. I would guess .... that these days, not even the most cynical scientific minded people can really deny that this stuff actually is fact. But the thing that has been in the back of my mind for so very long is..... Has Quantum discovery actually explained how magik works? Is that why some believe in and use it in their own particular way, depending on who they are, and how they observe and interpret magik? And yet, others don't even think about it at all. I am thinking, perhaps it's the magi/magic users/witches/warlocks whatever handle you prefer etc ......who have, in their own way, understood the power of it on some level and use it for what is important to them. It seems there is a certain overlap between what everyone believes, (which I spoze is why there are so many different religions. Adjusted for your needs and comfort.) But the difference with magik, (well.... at least chaos magik,) is that we absolutely do not discriminate between the way individuals work/believe/are. I am (nearly) certain that it must be one and the same thing, but I still need some feedback on this. I will never presume I am correct with anything, because it all depends on who you are.

  2. Anton Channing

    I don't think Quantum physics has explained magic. It hasn't yet even explained science. However, it does more accurately model observations that the old Newtonian model, and as a result we do know that things aren't as tidy as the old model of science would have us beleive. As a result, some magicians point to this crack as a possible hiding place for the mechanism, or part of the mechanism, for where magic works. Some go further of course. New age dogma's purporting there misunderstandings of specific quantum theories as explaining magic abound. Sometimes chaotes jump on board that kind of paradigm for a while also. I know I've done it in the past. In the end I didn't find it too useful to dwell on, but as with all paradigms, it can be hard to know what you actually got out of it. Perhaps I got more than I consciously realise.

  3. Tara* Berserkr

    I don't think magick needs to be proven. Who needs a proof anyway? Magick is widely used in advertisement and political campaigns. Did you know that the word "propaganda" was replaced with "public relations" to make it sound better? Those people have tones of scientific research behind them. They don't refer to their techniques as "magic" but it's the same thing really- an ability to influence the world and make the reality bend to your wishes.

  4. trace

    Thank you @anton and @tara, Very interesting replies from both of you. I guess I personally don't have too much 'magikal will' for myself, but this is how I need it to be. This is why I chose chaos majik from everything else, because it appears to take into account every individuals preferences, personalities etc. I am never self-satisfied with my magikal successes and the reason for that is because I believe (at least at this time,) that it's never just me that works it. This is why I am very sparing with what I do. Ok, admittedly it's preeety damn difficult for me in any case, as I have a totally 'non understanding' family, except for my eldest son, who would willingly participate if we ever got the chance. (We never have so far.) And that's why I choose to believe what I do rite now. So..... my magikal moments are even more limited at the moment, due to many more things that are happening/about to happen etc It's a hard time for me lately, I have too much to do for others... and I don't seem to manage to get my own act together anymore. However.....it's a good thing really, the next responsibility will stop me from thinking too much.

  5. Tara* Berserkr

    Trace- I don't like to separate magick from the mundane. I'm in a bit similar position since my husband is not interested in magick. I live in a shared accommodation with a few other people, who are also not interested. I find it hard to perform a ritual with robes, music and incense, but magick is always present around me. If you learn how to listen, you will find it. It comes to you through people, events, animals. Let us not forget that hedge witches of the past were constantly under threat. In times of the inquisition you had to be very careful not to get caught. Magical tools had to be disguised as simple household items- cooking utensils, sewing kits etc. It was risky to leave the house after dark. Yet magical traditions survived and are still continuing. There's that saying- "When you really want something you'll find a way. If you don't you will find an excuse". Ask your spirits to help you.

  6. Dana Varahi

    Thanks for sharing this @trace. It's always great to listen to the good old RAW. I am definitely not educated enough in physics to really understand theory of relativity and quantum physics beyond the common notion of things not being as they seem. That in itself is nothing new. I find it intriguing that a lot of scientific theories if not all, confirm already existing ideas about how things are, be it Christian, Buddhist, Taoist or any other religious/philosophical system. It seems to me that we can only discover what we already imagined. If we can not think it we can not conceive a method to discover it. Of course scientists and explorers do stumble upon new things by accident but often such accidental discoveries get overlooked simply because person making them or evaluating them lacks imagination to see the importance and potential within it. Similar mechanism happens in everyday life. We often can not see a solution to a problem, not because there isn't any, but because our beliefs make us overlook it. This is why expanding our reality tunnels, training our imagination and awareness lies at the centre of all spiritual systems. We can always see further, hear better and feel more than we currently do. This is what makes life so fun, there is never the end point to growth.

  7. trace

    Hello @dana, thank you sooo much, I totally 'lurve' your comment. It made name feel a little better about 'me'. To be honest, I always feel I am falling way behind with my rather unorthodox and extremely simplistic view on magik. But hey....that's just another symptom of the way I like to work, and the way I am I guess. (I always had that general problem with life as well. Which is why I am very happy indeed to have my own space. In general, I have very easily identified with anyone I have spoken to on KIA, regardless of who they are and where their mind is centred. Admittedly.... I am having many probs with administration, (as you can tell,) :-D Anyways....at some time, I would also like to set up anonymous private messaging, so that if they want to, visitors to this site can talk to me without anything being made public, (unless they would like an 'anon' entry on this site. I wish I knew wat the hell I am doing @dana! 😈

  8. trace

    @tara, yes..... I totally agree with you with your previous comment. I think it's often kinda necessary to put our magik into life in general, and trust it, because it's not often possible or practical at all for many of us, (for all kinds of reasons,) to er 'practice our arts' in the way that most expect it to be expressed. I don't have any actual proof that magik works any better if it's given a mages full attention, and I would really love to try it far more often, but I must admit, as far as I can tell myself, if it needs to work, it's gonna easily do it's stuff, whether you have an altar, assorted candles, a couple hours to spare and several 'tools of the trade', etc etc, or whether you mostly need to hit the magikal field running. I guess.... that the only reason I need to believe all this, is that it's the only way I can keep being a Mage. If I didn't believe that 'running magik' works, I really couldn't make it work.

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