there is/are something/things that are kinda bothering me about this cup.   I like it, but there is something/s that doesn’t  feel kwite rite.

I can’t manage to see it, its not quite doing it’s job.

wot you reckon?  I’m not sure if it’s just, or even the gold, or something else (that can’t even be changed.)


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  1. Anton Channing

    I know what you mean. I have some gothy looking chalices/cups and I for some reason don't really connect with them magically. Yours does look pretty cool all the same. Often I find it easier to connect to tools I made myself, so long as I did a good job on them mind you.

  2. trace

    Yeah, @Anton, I totally agree with that, many, many years ago, I cut a staff from withy, (which is an upright kind of willow.) Like the top of a crack willow only rather more like a tall hedgerow. It feels very different from stuff that I have bought. And at least just as much so does Ronnie doll. I wish really I was as raring to go as he is.

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